Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Took myself off the wagon for a day

I took myself off the wagon for a day yesterday.  I wasn't sure what to do with my hives, and if my diet was causing my body to have a bad reaction or lower immune system.  So I decided to look for another alternative diet.  I thought maybe the GI diet could be something I try (look at my previous post about Other Low Carb Diets). 

Since I wasn't sure what to do about my diet, and I was just tired of eating eggs with some form of fat, I didn't follow LCHF for a day.  I tried a real GI meal, had some strawberries and even had a small glass of Pepsi, oh yeah even some Italian chocolates.  If I was pulling myself off  the wagon to read the books and figure out what to do, I decided I was going to enjoy that day.  I actually didn't eat that much like I thought I would, I became really full easily, and even after a couple of sips of Pepsi it wasn't all that WOW sensation or feeling like I thought it was going to be.  The chocolates were good, but after I had 3 small chocolates, it was more than plenty for me.  I think the most pleasing part was the Strawberries, eating that was just heavenly. 

I thought after pulling myself off of LCHF for a day I'd be completely ruined.  I thought I'd crave nothing but sweets.  But I actually don't have any sweet cravings at the moment.  It's really strange, that I wasn't like a crack addict who with one dose goes straight back to being completely off the wagon for good.  I guess after a month of no sweets, my body just doesn't really care for them too much now. 

This morning when I weighed myself it was up by only half a pound, which I thought was really small for having carbs yesterday.  My weight usually jumps up and down the scale everyday, just the other day before I took a day off, I gained almost a whole pound, and that's with me counting every bit of carb. 

I lost a whopping 9.2lbs in 4 weeks, I'm really pleased about it.  But if I switched over to the GI diet I'd have to do GI i Praktikens Phase 1 part, which is very very similar to LCHF.  If I don't mind a much slower weightloss then I can do Phase 2. 


  1. I am also an American in Sweden, been here 16years. I have been doing LCHF for 8 months and I have lost 20kg and feel great! I personally find LCHF so much easier to follow than GI and I find loads of inspiration from all the different blogs on LCHF, I only found yours yesterday! I hope that whatever you decide to do that it works for you. I made a commitment that this is a lifestyle change for me and so far,so good. Good luck!!

  2. Hi Hollene, thank you for the comment. Congratulations on the 20kg weightloss, that's really amazing! You should start a blog about your weightloss with LCHF. I think it's really helpful for those who can't speak Swedish to learn tips and get info about LCHF.

    So far I've decided to give low GI a try for a month and see how I do and feel with it. It's still really low carb compared to normal eating habits, but nowhere near low carb like LCHF :)

    I'm glad to hear that you've done really successfully with the weightloss :)