Tuesday, July 5, 2011

First Weekly Weight Update!

It's been seven days of doing LCHF, and I have to say it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.  I am eatting breakfast, dinner, and a snack inbetween.  I really don't feel that hungry inbetween the huge breakfast and dinner gap.  The first two days on the diet I noticed that by dinner time I'd get dizzy and felt a little strange, that's when I realized I must be hungry.  Thankfully the other days weren't like the first two.

There are times I have to force myself to eat.  We had a couple of really hot days when you just don't want to eat and if you did maybe some cold soba or a nice sub-sandwhich would be prefect.  I read that not taking enough calories with LCHF can actually make you not lose weight, your body will think it's starving and hold on to the weight.

Now it's time for my first weekly weight update. 

-3.6 lbs (-1.63kg)

That's -.6 lbs more than I did on one month of a normal workout and eat less diet.  The best part was that I wasn't starving myself.  I'm sure some will say it's water weight or something else, but most people doing LCHF do lose about half a pound to five pounds a week.  I can't wait to see what next week will be like!

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