Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sugar Substitutes = Headache

The Swedish LCHF sites recommend to stay away from sugar substitutes/artificial sweeteners.  But I've ran into quite a few Swedish LCHF recipes that use sugar substitutes.  A friend of mine last week had a bottle of  Fanta Free Orange, so I gave it a try and  it tasted strange.  It made my mouth feel heavy and had a very awkward sweet and fake taste.  My brain knew it wasn't really sugar so it felt unsatisfying drinking the soda, there wasn't that wonderful "Ahhhhhhh satisfaction!" feeling.  So I wasn't able to drink even half a small cup.

Today I tried Pepsi Max, I heard that it tasted more like the real thing.  I drank less than 250ml out of a 500ml bottle.  I had to admit it did taste better than the Fanta Free Orange, and wasn't as heavy tasting. Though in the end Pepsi Max still had that very fake sweetness, and it doesn't come close to Regular Pepsi.  I was only able to drink the Pepsi Max by having lots of ice cubes, and two lemon wedges worth of lemon juice in it.  Again, I didn't get that satisfaction feeling, and before I got half way done with it I started to get a headache.  I tossed the rest in my glass away, and enjoyed a nice cold glass of water with my dinner.  

I learned a huge lesson today.   I never liked artificial sweeteners before, and I definitely don't like them now.  From now on I will not experiment with any more sugar substitutes.  I get more of a sweet satisfaction from eating a bit of tomato (^.^)


  1. I agree with you, I've never been fond of artificial sweeteners myself, and I prefer to avoid putting unnatural substances in my body anyway.

    I think diet coke and such actually tastes pretty bad, I'd rather drink water.

  2. Hi Kris, thank you for the comment. I try to stick to foods as natural as possible. I agree that water does taste better than a diet coke.

  3. Well a natural thing will always be natural and my opinion is also kind of same as you on diet coke.