Friday, July 15, 2011

A little bit of exercise and LCHF

When I started doing LCHF I wasn't exercising.  I've read some blogs of people doing LCHF and exercising, and those people tend to lose alot more weight per month than people who aren't exercising regularly. 

Three weeks ago I hurt my ankles, they were purple and swollen for a good two weeks. I had to stop doing my little workouts I began this year.  Finally after three weeks, I'm able to start jumping on my mini trampoline (rebounding).  It's something my mom showed me when I was visiting her.  I have bad knees from sports and the extra chunky booty doesn't help them with exercises.  So it feels great to jump around on the mini trampoline again.  It's a pretty good cardio and lower body workout without harsh impact on the joints. 

Yesterday I finally started to do some basic beginner yoga.  I've always been curious about yoga, but never bothered to try it out. It's amazing what a little bit of yoga can make you feel recharged and aware of your body posture.  All I have to say is no wonder why yogis/yoginis have great bodies.  I'll keep trying to do yoga since it's good to stretch and relax the body too. 

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