Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dragon Breath and Breath Mints/Gum

One of the worst side effects of LCHF is the lovely Dragon Breath syndrome aka: worst case of stinky breath ever.  I guess it comes from eating alot of dairy based products such as cheese, creme and yoghurt.  I used to hate the after taste and smell of my breath after drinking milk or having something dairy.  Well now I get to have it almost every time after I eat.  My man has pointed it out on several occasions that since I started the diet, in the mornings I have Dragon Breath that would scare even a dragon away.

So what to do about the Dragon Breath, a simple solution is to brush the teeth, gums, and tongue really well.  Another easy solution was to take breath mints or gums.  Though when being on LCHF breath mints and gums aren't your friends, since most of them contain alot of carbs per mint drop or gum.  My favorite breath mint drop "was" Extra watermelon flavour, until I found out that each mint drop has 3g of carb.  There was no way I would waste 3g of carbs on one mint on 20g of carbs a day.

Luckly a friend of mine pointed out that Extra professional Strong Mint gum is really good and strong.  Each gum has about 1g of carbs.  Of course it'd be silly to waste 1 whole gram of carbs on a tiny piece of gum.  So he recommended to chew only half a gum piece at a time, that way you only get half a gram of carbs, and the mint is strong enough that half of one will do the job.

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  1. I think the "dragon breath" may be in part due to acetone which is a byproduct of this diet. When you have no carbs your body breaks down fats and turns the products of that into ketone bodies which are then transported through your body for use as fuel. Acetone is one of the 3 ketone bodies and is exhaled.