Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Other Low Carb Diets

I decided to look into many other low carb diets, to see if anything else will be a little veggie friendly, and less animal fat consuming.  I have to say after 4 weeks of forcing myself to eat creamy and buttery foods I am getting a little burned out.  So far the Paleo diet, South Beach, and GI diet (I know it's not really LC, just the 1st phase is) looks a bit more friendly for those that aren't into consuming a lot of fat and not enough veggies.   

I looked into the GI diet since I have some friends here who are doing it. It's a bit confusing when you read the information online on how you're supposed to do the diet. So I went over to the local library and picked up a Swedish book on the GI diet, a recipe book, and using a 3 phase method. The book explained alot, and how people lose weight doing GI diet. But it looks like to kickstart that fat burning process in Phase 1 they do a similar thing to LCHF for the first month or longer if needed. Then in Phase 2 they start to introduce some low GI foods into the diet, and cut out alot of fat, you can still lose weight in this process from 0 - 1 lbs a week. Then in Phase 3 it goes completely GI, and how it helps maintain the bodyweight you worked hard to get.

The Phase 1 part is not as strict as LCHF's weight losing phase of 20g and under carbs a day. They allow up to 20-30g carbs a day.  Seems they allow a bit more veggies and nuts into the weightlosing Phase 1 compared to LCHF's weightlosing 20g a day.  One of the books says that if you follow their 30 day menu you can lose up to 5kg in 4 weeks.  Really interesting and every meal has a net carb count next to it.  I don't see much of a difference from LCHF and Phase 1 of GI diet, since the recipes are still low carb and high in fat, but from things like fishes

Books I'm reading about GI diet:
GI i Praktiken (GI in Practice) by: Ola Lauritzson - it has a 3 Phase program with menus and recipes for each phase.
GI Dag för Dag (GI Day for Day) by: Ola Lauritzson & Ulrika Davidsson  - a book on how to lose up to 5kg in 4 weeks doing their Phase 1 and 2 GI diet. 
Klaras GI-Mat (Klara's GI Food) by: Klara Desser - a recipe book for Low GI eating/lifestyle


  1. Which of the books would you recommend for a beginner? I was thinking of checking out the second but if it stops at phase 2 when there are 3 then maybe I will miss out in the end?

  2. The books are in Swedish. Out of the 3 books I recommend #2 the best, it does contain all 3 phases.

    But an even better book I'm reading right now is The Low GL Diet Bible by Patrick Holford (in depth book). Another great book is The Low GL Cookbook by Patrick Holford (more of a digest with great recipes). Both of the books have recipes to follow to lose weight.