Monday, July 4, 2011

Coffee Craving

This morning I had an unusual craving for coffee.  I drink coffee only a handful of times a year, and it's usually made candy sweet (as my man refers to the way I drink coffee).  Coffee in Sweden is made viking tough, which is thick and strong.  No sissy coffee drinking here in Sweden.  I'm more of a mild, soft and smooth (non-viking tough) type coffee person.  Today I drank the instant Nescafé coffee (I know yuck), but it's easy for me to water down to fit my taste.

It's amazing how much the tastebuds become so much more sensitive when you go without sugar/carbs for days.  Since I can't use sugar, I bought organic vanilla powder and peppermint oil incase i wanted a little extra something to my tea or maybe coffee.  I added a very tiny little itsy bit of vanilla powder with a dash of ground cinnamon and some real heavy 36% fat whipping cream.  Delicious!



  1. I started the Low GI diet about 5 weeks ago. I always have a cup of coffee in the mornings but since I started eating Low GI, I now have major coffee cravings throughout the day. I've always been satisfied with my one cup in the morning but now I feel like I could drink it all day. Have you noticed more coffee cravings since you started the Low GI diet? I've tried to see if this is normal but can't find a connection between Low GI and coffee cravings.

  2. When I was doing LCHF, I craved coffee, and I would drink it twice a day. Ever since I switched to Low GI/GL diet I don't have any more cravings for coffee. They really don't recommend having caffeine on low GI. But I do eat 70% dark chocolate daily.