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Hard to lose weight? by Annika Dahlqvist

Hard to lose weight? (taken from: )
January 10, at 07:14, 2006

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Now and then I get emails from people who tell me they are eating low carb, but still having difficulty to lose weight as they desire.
My advice is usually to start by reading through my "Diet Programs" correctly. (See the blog margin)
If there is no weight loss when you follow the program:
The first is to reduce the carbohydrates down to what is in a reasonable amount of vegetables (you do not fill your plate) and dairy products.
You can limit themselves to above-ground vegetables if you want to minimize carbohydrates. Root vegetables contain more carbohydrates.  Milk, sour milk and yogurt contains 5% carbohydrate, lactose. Replace happily to cheese and butter, without lactose.
And also nothing of bread, pasta, oatmeal, rice, potatoes, fruit, etc.
Then you can reduce the proteins down too, least you need it for body building.
It is 0.5-1 grams per kilogram of body weight per day. (Meat contains approximately 20% protein)
Excess protein raises the blood sugar.
The rest is fat.
Fat in dairy products, eat absolutely no light versions of cream, butter, etc.
Fat meat and pork. It is saturated and animal fats that the body ideally needs for its building.
Saturated fat in coconut oil.
Monounsaturated fats in olive oil.
Oily fish.

If you eat according to this and still not lose weight as you want, you think you might want to settle for who you are.
As you eat carbohydrate-rich lean and fat, so you can eat as healthy as possible, and you are so healthy you can be.

Inserted 060916th I have received quite a few reports from people who found it difficult to lose weight with the intake of dairy products. It is said that milk products causes the release of insulin, and that there is milk sugar, lactose, no milk protein that has this characteristic insulin. High insulin index, II.
Hints that the victim can try to cut down on, or exclude, dairy products if you want to go down further in weight.

Butter can handle most, and fatty cheeses can handle some. You can try these things out.
If you do not feel the need to settle for, but want to get down lower in weight, you will begin to reduce the calories.
You can watch the food tables, and figure out how much of any foods you should eat.
You can go down to about 1300 calories if you are female, slightly more if you are male.
The proportions which is the same principle. Approximately 50-100 g of protein (depending on body size), just enough vegetables and the rest up to the calories-the roof is fat.
(All the while of course also applies just the right amount of exercise, regularly. It is very good for health, even if it does not do much for weight loss)
Does anyone have other opinions and advice?
Right now I have a project going on to lose a few pounds, to my old ideal weight.
I try now to eat small LCHF meals, with 3-4 hours apart. The amount of these small portions may have to try different front. So far I have lost a kg. I feel that this method fits quite well for me.

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