Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fourth Weekly Weight Update

It's really hard to imagine that 4 weeks ago I started doing LCHF.  It's just two days away from exactly a month of no sugar, and only 20g of carbs a day.  This diet/lifestyle is pretty successful in weightloss terms.  I'm really shocked that I was able to lose the amount of weight I did without starving myself.  I'm sure after four weeks it's not considered losing water weight anymore.   

My clothes are looser and I see a big change in my body and my face.  My cheeks are the first place to show if I gain or lose weight.  I'm starting to look more like the old me.  I feel more energetic and alive, not sure if it's the diet or the yoga, or maybe it's a little bit of both.  I feel lighter on my feet, but then again I am literally lighter on my feet. 

 I'm still not done with losing weight, but at least I'm a big step closer to my old bikini body.  This past week I was a lot more disciplined in LCHF, I cut out a lot of my onion and tomatoes.  I thought they were hindering my weight loss after the last weight update.  So I haven't used them as much the rest of the week.  Surely it was the right choice because I was able to increase my weightloss this past week.  I wasn't too thrilled about the last weight update being one pound.     

Here is the fourth weekly weight update:

-2.6 lbs (-1.18kg)

Total amount since started: -9.2 lbs (-4.17kg)

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