Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Third Weekly Weight Update

Three whole weeks have gone by since that first day I went LCHF. So far it's been good, but I had a blah day today. I was really wanting something sweet to eat or drink. I almost felt like just giving in and having a chocolate milkshake or a Pepsi. Thankfully my guy was there to help me stay focused.

Maybe I had a blah day because of the scale. I weigh myself everyday, but I only count Tuesdays as the offical weight. I have to admit it's amazing watching the scale going up and down everyday. Makes me wonder if it's working correctly. I know that I shouldn't check the scale everyday, but it's a bad habit of mine, and at least it's not a sugar filled cookie or cake.

Here is the third weekly weight update:

-1 lbs (-0.45kg)
Total amount since started: -6.6 lbs (-2.99kg)

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  1. If you can't help weighing every day anyway, I'd rather calculate the weekly average and compare it. It would give you a better and more realistic result.