Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rash, Hives, and Doubt

A few days after I started doing yoga and rebounding, I noticed that I got a rash on my neck (where the sports bra touches) and on my back.  I thought it was shingles at first, and after a week it did go away with ugly marks.  But this past Sunday I noticed red little itching and burning bumps began to appear on my upper thighs and arms.  The next day it spread to all my arms and legs, and even a little on my stomach. 

Yesterday I went to the doctor's to get this rash/hives checked out.  They told me that they believed it was a fungus type hives, and that it was caused by lowered immune system.  They asked me if I ate anything new or different than normal, and if I was stressing about something.  Only thing that was new was LCHF, and I wasn't stressed about anything.  They said the diet could possibly be stressing me and my body without me knowing it.  I got some medication for it to go away.  Hopefully it will go away or else back to the doctor's I go.

It made me a little worried about doing LCHF.  I never consumed so much fat, let alone dairy or animal fat in my whole life.  Nor have I consumed so little vegetables in my whole life.  It made me double think about doing LCHF.  Maybe my body is telling me something, that this isn't for me.  After all I'm half Japanese and was raised on a high vegetable and fruit diet with low fat.  I didn't get fat until I moved to Sweden (high fat and high starch) and got ill.


  1. Cali, I'm a Swedish lady living in France
    I was searching for rash and rebounding and found your post. Your symptoms sounds like what I have now and I have not started any new diet, the only thing we have in common is that the rash started a few days after we started rebounding. Of course it could be a coincidence but it could also be a symptom that the body is detoxing. This is what I am starting to believe.

  2. Interesting - I noticed that after starting rebounder exercises that I have an itchy shingles-like rash on my waist that suddenly appeared - I do wonder if it is a herxheimer reaction myself as rebounding is known to get the lymphatic system moving....