Thursday, July 14, 2011

Japanese green tea and cream

Tonight we're drinking Japanese green tea (Ocha) , the real kind from Japan.  I haven't drank any green tea since I started LCHF, since I usually drink it with a  sweet or salty snack of some sort.  The snacks are usually something carb based, and well that's history now.

I don't munch with LCHF or get to really have desserts, I tend to drink coffee with heavy cream with vanilla and cinnamon.  For me it's sort of like a lil treat and it helps with the whole not snacking thing while my guy is munching away on chips, chocolates and candies. 

Instead of drinking the green tea plain like I usually do, I thought of the japanese sweet green tea au lait thing I tried before.  So I poured me a nice cup of green tea then topped it off with some heavy cream.  It tastes really similar to Matcha ice cream minus the sugar.  I love Matcha ice cream!  I think this Japanese green tea and cream will be my new favorite drink. (^.^)

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