Friday, July 29, 2011

My Last LCHF Meal

I had my last LCHF meal on Wednesday night the 27th.  As of yesterday I started doing the GI diet/lifestyle.  When I ate my dinner on Wednesday night, I had a very hard time swallowing down my food.  I had a tuna salad with green lettuce and baby spinach.  The tuna was made with a bit more mayo than I would have normally made it because of LCHF.  I think after a month of fatty foods I am a bit tired of eating this way. 

I'm not saying that LCHF is bad, I've seen really nice dishes and recipes that look great.  But to lose weight you should stick to 20g of carbs a day or less, which really limits the foods that you can eat.  I was pretty strict and I didn't cheat during my 4 weeks.  I lost a lot of weight very quickly.  I became worried about having loose skin, since I was losing weight quickly.  Also I became worried about my health since I broke out with the hives, I've never had something like that happen.

I grew up eating a lot of Asian type foods and dishes, and I feel most comfortable eating a lot of vegetables and fruits, than I do eating a lot of fats, dairy and meats.  I will continue to diet using GI instead of LCHF because I think their low carb way is a lot easier for me to follow and to stick with it in the long term.  Yes, I won't drop pounds the way LCHF will, I'll be lucky to lose a pound a week, but I need to do what feels most comfortable for me.

I don't think the LCHF of losing weight or lifestyle is bad.  LCHF is actually really wonderful for people who enjoy eating fattier meals and meats, and not worrying about portion size.  It just isn't for me, and that's okay.  From the Living La Vida Low Carb forums, I've learned that alot of others have tried numerous Low Carb style diets/lifestyles until they found one that suited them the best.

I will keep this blog up for English speakers looking for information on LCHF.  The information I have on LCHF here is still very useful and also my tips on what worked and didn't is still helpful for those out there doing LCHF. 

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